How Can Anybody Send a Plain Text Message in Yahoo Mail?

People send and receive text rich email messages on Yahoo mail that includes text formatting, inline photos, links and attachments. But there are still plenty of people who want to send plain messages. Yahoo mail avails this facility for the users. Also there are various reasons if someone is saying to send plain text message. Below the features of this plain text and way to send plain text is given, just follow the steps and make it possible.


  • According to market surveys rich-text emails are opened very less than plain-text because email filters identify rich-text emails as "commercial".
  • A lot of people prefer to receive plain text message. According to the need you can change the preference.
  • Plain text emails minimizes various problem if you daily send messages in bulk.

How to Send Plain Text Messages:

To send a plain message in Yahoo! Mail follow the steps:

  • To create a new email, click New.
  • When yahoo has opened to the email editor, it will buy default use the formatting of the original email in the case of a reply, or rich text in the case of a brand new email.
  • Now, convert the email formatting to plain text by clicking on the plain text link displayed on the right side.
  • After doing this Yahoo will give you warning like: "This will change your message into plain text. All formatting will be lost. Continue?"
  • Click OK, if you agree and your email will be now in plain text.
  • Start typing your messages as normally but remember it will now be without colors, images.
  • After finishing tap send button.
  • Yahoo Mail will send your email without any formatting, and the recipient will see it as a plain text message.

And this is the process to send plain text message from Yahoo mail, in case you face any difficulty in doing this then you can contact the technical support by Yahoo. Yahoo Help Center is available 24*7 to provide complete and instant support in all Yahoo related issues.

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